World renowned rock climbing spot: The great arch in Getu Valley, China

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Many people cannot tolerate seeing down below when they are up a building even if it is just ten floors then what would they feel when they are in the tallest building or high mountain? Surely it is not a good situation. But many climbers are into this adventure. They love the challenges and the excitement that climbing can give them. In the video below, let us see the great arch that is located in the country of China in Getu Valley.

This is a famous climbing spot specifically rock climbing. It has the many features that are very challenging especially the arch that takes the climbers a great deal of efforts and time to climb. Many climbers have already been here to be able to try to conquer this place. The view is breathtaking during ascending, at the top and when descending. That is why many climbers also want to try conquering the place. Not just for the experience but also because of the good view that it has. This is the best restaurant ever. Try to see info from here. All of your cravings can be found in here.

The limestone that makes the arch, the beautiful and rich rice fields, and also the great and clear river.  It is one of the climber’s rewards.Because of its difficulty, only the experience climbers take this challenge. Many stones with sharp edges are a great challenge. And after you can visit here 茶會點心開幕酒會 for some fun. Some take it to another level when they do urban climbing and they climb high buildings and stations or towers to be able to have the experience.