How to Ascend to a Mountain

In order to climb a mountain, you must know what kind of mountain you are climbing and you must also know well how to walk. If you are not aware on what kind of mountain you are ascending you will not be able to prepare yourself for it.

The mountains that you are going to climb especially in Alaska are icy and a little bit dangerous. This is why you should prepare your materials for it. You must bring an easy carried back pack with normal weight of the stuffs as not to tire you when you are climbing.

In climbing a an icy mountain, you will need an ice axe and crampon. These are pretty essentials stuffs that you will need. When using an ice axe, it is better to move anchor the axe a little farther from your foot, in this way you can create a good angle of your back. Walk slowly with your crampon and be sure that your feet will have a good distance from each other. Like a normal walk you will have to bend and stand straight at times for maintaining balance of your body. In climbing, height does not matter for as long as you are brave enough to climb the mountains and that you know dangerous it is in climbing the mountains. Take you r time in the mountains and keep yourself safe while on your foot. By the way, footwear is the most important thing that you will need when going up a mountain.