Climbing Essentials

Climbing is not easy without your equipment with you. It is necessary to bring these equipment with you for success and safety.

Rope and its anchor is very necessary for all the mountains you are going to climb. If you are not are going to climb, you may enjoy your time playing with your rope going up and down in order to find fun from it.

Gearing is the most important thing to know and understand while climbing a mountain. There are a little bit thing to do when gearing. You should know how to use this in your journey to the peak s not to fail.

Another equipment you will need is your footwear, foot wear is the most important one because this determines if you can move on or not. On icy mountain, you should use boots that can protect your feet from freezing. Crampon is necessary on icy and slippery mountains. You can be safe from sliding anywhere.

Ice axe should be used to help you walk on steep mountains and on high mountainous area. You should position the ice axe carefully as not to fail to anchor.

Jacket is should not be neglected in the winter times because as you know, you will freeze without jacket. Keep yourself warm unless you are not going to climb a snowy  mountain. During summer time, usually climbers just go on their fitted outfit. In cases of emergency, you bring a navigation and phone that could detect where you are. Not all mountain climbers come back safely.