Mountains to Climb in Alaska

Among the mountains that you are going to climb, Alaska mountain is the home of amazing mountain climbing in America. There maybe so many mountain that you may climb around the world, but what is awesome is climbing the highest mountains in North America. Why not try to climb the icy mountains in Alaska. One of the highest mountains in the world and is the highest in North America is the Denali.


Denali Mountain has an elevation of 20, 310 feet above sea level or 6, 190. There is more fun in climbing these mountains because it gives you the feeling of being the best mountain climber in the world. Of course, this is the highest mountain in North America!

Saint Elias

Mount Saint Elias is one of the highest mountain that has an elevation of 5,489 m above sea level. With the location and atmosphere, this is one of the easiest mountain in the world.


Mount Blackburn is one of the most beautiful mountains by view around the world. It is because of the shape of its peak and the formation of ice in its peak. It has the same elevation of 5,489 m with Mount Saint Elias.


Mount Bona in general has an elevation measurement of 5,005 m above sea level. This is not only known for mountain climbing but also for outdoor activities during summer. Although there are many activities that you can do on your vacation, you can include visiting this place on your list.

Mount Foraker is elegant mountain compared to the other mountains. You can be more happier climbing this place during summer.